Charlie's Repair

Tractor splitting made easy from 45+ years of experience.

5 speed stands

The stand easily installs to the 5 speed transmission housing of H, M, 300, 400, 460, 560, 504, 656 and other similar model tractors, with only two bolts. The rear transmission housing can be easily rolled on a 4 inch caster.

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Front splitting stands

5 inch steel casters with roller bearings for easy rolling allows the engine of the tractor to be rolled forward. This stand fits most all tractors with side rails. Easy to install, only requires four bolts.

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Rear housing stands

Rear housing stand for tractors adjustable from 13 inches to 21 inches. Stand attaches to drawbar for complete transmission overhaul and/or axle removal. With adapter plate this stand will also support the 5 speed transmission.

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TA handler

This stand attaches with two bolts after the tractor has been split. The TA housing easily rolls out from under the tractor on the TA handler's 4 inch casters. The transmission gears and shafts can be removed with the housing in the horizontal position. The TA handler allows the TA housing to be stood up on end, vertically. With the aid of an overhead hoist, the TA assemble can be replaced.

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Electric conversion kits

Tired of that old 6 volts generator and regulator that's not working. Check out my conversion kits using modern alternators with solid state voltage regulators. Kits include custom designed mounting brackets for many different models of Farmall/International tractors. Click below for more details.

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