Mini Stand

Starting at $475.00

These pictures are for a new stand (New for 2018) that I have designed for the frameless tractors, like the Farmall CUB, CUB LoBoy, Farmall A, Farmall B, and Farmall C, series of tractors. These small tractors do not have a frame rail and the stand gets bolted to the oil pan rail of the engine. I’m calling the stand the “Mini-stand” Each 4-inch wheel of the Mini stand contains a roller bearing making the tractor very easy to split.

I have found that this stand also fits a lot of the utility-style tractors, also fits foreign tractors like Yanmar and Kubots.

This stand also is designed to fit the larger Case and Ford tractor that do not have frame rails alongside the engine.

The selling price of the Mini splitting stand is $475 with import wheel assemblies and $550 with the Heavy Duty USA-made wheel holder assemblies.

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